Industry Application

BactiBarrier Application

Protection where you need it.

In the worlds of business, retail, real estate and the like, companies' bottom lines often dictate their successes over others. Bottom lines are almost always dictated by the productivity of their employees. Sick days and absenteeism make it difficult for employers to provide consistent, profitable growth.

During flu season germs are spread very easily from one person to another. An infected individual touches surfaces throughout a workplace, and everyone who comes behind them is instantly infected and a cycle of sick days begins.

Hospitals, healthcare facilities, schools, military installations, etc are the last places anyone wants bacterial infection, viruses, and the like. These facilities could have extensive daily cleaning routines and spend millions of dollars a year to prevent the spread of microorganisms throughout their buildings. BactiBarrier provides a long-term, non-leachable solution to give us a layer of protection beyond the daily cleaning routines. Data shows that our product will control the growth of bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and algae on treated surfaces making surfaces more durable for extended periods of time.

Application and use of BactiBarrier's system is a proactive approach to the spread of germs. Once applied, the technology permanently bonds to all surfaces. The regular cleaning staff, to greatly reduce the number of preventable sick days, can treat high touch areas more frequently.

Here are just a few examples of where BactiBarrier can be applied:

  • Business
  • Hospitals and Healthcare
  • Mass Transit
  • Education
  • Athletics
  • Retail
  • Military
  • Manufacturing of Durable Goods
  • Manufacturing of Flooring and Furniture
  • Real Estate
  • Apparel and Sports Gear
  • Linens and Furnishings