Sheriff's Office Gets Bacteria Cleanse

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Sheriff's Office gets bacteria cleanse Author(s): RICHARD?GOAD Banner Staff Writer Date: January 18, 2015 Section: news Cleveland Daily Banner Archives
The Bradley County Sheriff's Office administrative building and Department of Corrections will be undergoing an extensive bacteriacleanse courtesy of Charles Atkins and his company PuroClean. Thursday, in various rooms of the BCSO headquarters and Corrections, Atkins demonstrated the effectiveness of the product to be used in the cleaning, PuroClean's "BactiBarrier." Set to begin next week, the cleansing will be offered to the BCSO as a community service - part of Atkins' pledge to honor last week's Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. "We're really glad Charles came down here to help with the cleaning process during this volatile flu season," Sheriff Eric Watson said. "Charles and his company PuroClean volunteered to come down here to the Sheriff's Office to give back to the community. Cleanliness is something we promote here, in order to combat sickness among our employees and inmates," stated Watson. As Atkins demonstrated, the "BactiBarrier" system is a two-step process, but one that offers long-lasting protection from germs andbacteria that reside and grow on high traffic surfaces such as doorknobs. "A surface treated by BactiBarrier will stand guard against future microbial growth," Atkins said as he demonstrated the process to Watson. Atkins first collects a bacteria sample by running a cotton collector over a given surface. The sample is placed in an electronic reader, where the computer will count the swab for number of microbes present. As Atkins explained, the results are usually surprising to most. "Any reading over 30 is classified as 'gross contamination,'" Atkins said. "I've tested the door handles at medical facilities and seen numbers as high as 900. BactiBarrier not only neutralizes the contaminants present, but also creates an antimicrobial barrier that inhibits growth. The effect lasts for several months. It's very resilient." Atkins explained. During his demonstration, Atkins noted the Bradley County Jail was one of the cleaner facilities he had experienced. The highest reading Atkins discovered, having tested exit, medical and pod doors, was 409. The relatively low readings came as a point of pride to Corrections Captain Gabe Thomas, who participated in Thursday's demonstration. "Our corrections staff are constantly cleaning, trying to keep germs from spreading pod to pod. They do a great job, and we certainly appreciate the extra help," Thomas thanked. Once a surface has been tested, BactiBarrier is applied and let to sit for 15 minutes, which is the time period where the product sterilizes the surface. After that time has elapsed, the protective coating containing the same eco-friendly, germ-fighting ingredients is applied. "Practically any surface can be shielded from unwanted microbes by using our cleaning system," Atkins stated proudly. Atkins' company, PuroClean, performs a variety of jobs, including water, fire, mold and biohazard cleanups. Atkins has offered his company's service to the BCSO, and plans to begin the process Tuesday of next week, when PuroClean will utilize BactiBarrier on every frequently touched surface. Atkins is owner of PuroClean and a property damage expert.
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Cross Contamination Perfect for BactiBarrier Cleaning System

Posted on Feb 06, 2015 by Doug B

Due to the potential for cross contamination in public restrooms protective cleaning systems like the BactiBarrier® cleaning system makes perfect sense. Double protection using two different EPA solutions. One solution that, when properly used on surfaces, cleans & disinfects removing dirt, soil, pollutants, biofilms and germs. The second solution that bonds to surfaces inhibiting the multiplication of future microbial growth.

In January 2015 Cleaning & Maintenance Management Magazine Rosie Lyles, MD gives tips to keep infectious agents under control in Public restrooms in an article Combatting Cross-Contamination Concerns in Public Restrooms. Why not take it one step further by protecting what you clean & disinfect? As Ben Franklin once said " An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". If it is available.... why would you not finish your cleaning job with a simple over-spray of protection.

Water Slide Uses BactiBarrier Cleaning System

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A Cape Cod Inflatable water park will use the BactiBarrier® Cleaning System in 2015. With the growing concern of the presence of microbial growth in public areas, amusement and theme parks have been some of the first to recognize the importance of cleaning, disinfecting and protecting surfaces. As flue outbreaks continue to gain media exposure the importance of imparting proper cleaning frequencies and cleaning systems to surfaces used by the public is gaining popularity and the attention of health experts.

Germs and ATP Meters

Posted on Nov 19, 2014 by Doug B

Does proper cleaning remove Germs? There is a correlation between the number on an ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) Meter the universal energy molecule found in all animal, plant, bacterial, yeast, and mold cells and the actual bacteria test count on surfaces.

A study done by Dr Eugene Cole and several other scientist called the "Measurement of Cleaning Effectiveness in School Buildings: Evaluation of a Candidate Standard Method" showed that proper cleaning resulted in reduced numbers on ATP readings and lab tested bacterial counts.

Knowing this, we at BactiBarrier® have successfully used the ATP meter to show how using our Step 1 Detergent/Disinfectant followed by applying our Step 2 Surface Protector can significantly reduce ATP numbers and provide long lasting protection against harmful microbes on almost any treated surface.

Clean, Disinfect & Protect is the "New Standard of Care"

BactiBarrier Testimonial

Posted on Nov 12, 2014 by Doug B

I'm a home re-habber who recently bought a foreclosed home at auction that was vacant for 4 years before I took possession. Once I got inside the home I was able to check out the large basement which was filled with three 30 yard containers of junk. As I cleared out the mess I found the basement musty smelling, it had mold growing on the walls and had water seeping in around the foundation.

After first taking care of the water problem by cleaning the gutters and having the basement professionally water-proofed, I cleaned the walls with a borax and water solution.

This removed stains and cleaned up the walls but the musty smell persisted. That's when I called my friend, Eco Interior Maintenance, an authorized BactiBarrier Applicator to come in clean and protect the basement with his 2 Step microbial surface protection system. ECO applied BactiBarrier Step 1 Detergent/Disinfectant which eliminates built up pollutants (biofilms) on the walls and porous surfaces of the rafters. Then he applied BactiBarrier Step 2 Protector which provides long lasting protective barrier from microbial growth. So...if you want to eliminate musty odors from moldy conditions (and keep it that way):
  • Eliminate source of moisture
  • Apply BactiBarrier Step 1
  • Apply BactiBarrier Step 2
Whenever I buy a house for renewal, I will continue to use Eco Interior Maintenance and his BactiBarrier products.
- Mark A Grifo

BactiBarrier and Pathogenic Microbes

Posted on Oct 22, 2014 by Doug B

BactiBarrier® has a Strategy for Protecting Surfaces

Pathogenic microbes are resilient, dangerous foes that can be a threat to our health. Ebola, previously known as hemorrhagic fever, has shown us it is impossible to predict where and when microbes will emerge. You can't get Ebola through the air or water because it spreads by contact with body fluids. However, microbes evolve fast. There are no EPA registered products that can make claims to kill Ebola because no one has the virus to test. Ebola is a lipid enveloped virus that is said to stay infective, for up to six days, on surfaces - under ideal conditions. Effectiveness of any disinfectant is reduced in the presence of organic contamination making effective cleaning the first step in any disinfection process flowed by disinfection and finally protecting surfaces critical. As stated earlier, BactiBarrier® is an effective disinfection technology that cleans, disinfects and protects surfaces, but currently, there are no EPA approved products.

It takes our species decades to evolve whereas; the life span of viruses and bacteria is much shorter and allows for mutations to occur at a much faster rate. Enterovirus D68 is one of more than 100 non-polio enteroviruses found in varying proportions of the population are examples of emergence of new diseases - or the reemergence of older ones. The first entero virus was identified in California in 1962. The CDC has initiated plans to combat new infectious diseases and is trying to prevent those of tomorrow. Because no one can tell what new diseases will emerge, it's a good idea to prevent microbes from contaminating surfaces.

Recently, a 10-year-old girl from Rhode Island with Enterovirus D68 tragically died. Doctors speculate she didn't die from the virus but from a staff infection. When individuals, whose normal host defenses against infection are impaired by illness, or age, they become more likely to fall ill from infectious diseases. It makes sense to prevent transmission from surfaces by properly cleaning a surface and adding EPA approved BactiBarrier® protector.

The broad-spectrum range of our active antimicrobial technology, its actions, and safety profile has been proved and well studied since it was first discovered and a unique way to attach biocidal agents permanently and directly to a wide variety of surfaces was developed. BactiBarriers® resulting non-volatile polymer is unique among antimicrobials in that it does not create a zone of inhibition and does not dissipate over time. This extraordinary technology permits the continuous, durable activity that is required to prevent microbial infestation.

At the core of BactiBarrier® is a strategy: "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Testimonial from a Flooded House Owner

Posted on Sep 15, 2014 by Doug B

Dear Mr. Bradford:

I write to thank you and your team at Eco Interior Maintenance for using the BactiBarrier Cleaning System to eliminate the terrible odors from our home after we experienced a recent basement flooding.

Last month, a rare rainfall hit our community causing unusual flash flooding. Our basement took on 60 inches of water in that storm, causing us to lose everything that was down there. Once the water was pumped out, and before everything could be removed, a putrid smell emerged. It was unbearable. Our efforts to confine it to the basement were in vain. We thought we'd never be able to extinguish this odor from our home.

With everything removed from our basement, we had a BactiBarrier Authorized Applicator come into to our home in an effort to eliminate the odor and protect us against any re-emergence. We were hopeful, yet skeptical that it could work.

We left the day prior to your application and returned the day after. We were amazed and overjoyed when we walked into our home. The horrible smells were gone, completely gone.

It has been a month since we had your service and we remain odor free. We are so grateful to you and the Eco team for helping to give us back our home the way it was before this disaster struck us.

We would not hesitate to recommend Eco Interior Maintenance and the BactiBarrier Cleaning System to anyone.

Ronald Kiser

Disinfect Lacrosse or Hockey Equipment

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Cleaning and disinfecting lacrosse or hockey equipment are two different applications. Many companies are selling disinfectants to clean hard and soft surfaces. Others are pushing odor cleaning products. Long-lasting protection from microbial growth requires a clean, properly pretreated surface. The fact is that cleaning and disinfecting are equally important and should be done together.

HexPerformance has developed a line of sports cleaning products that wash away the pollutants and odor that are typically associated with bacteria and mildew. Power + is a premium laundry detergent that replaces what you typically use for daily laundering. Power + washes away Odor and what causes it. (Laundry additives that say they disinfect are only effective if used with detergents that are complimentary. Improper use with store bought detergent can neutralize odor removal capabilities.)

Ultra Dual Action Gear Wash is a two step cleaning and protection process that you can use in you washing machine or use by hand. This one of a kind gear wash cleaning system can clean away unwanted pollutants and then provide long lasting protection from the return of odor.

On Demand + is your odor proofing and deodorizing on location spray. Use it on new footwear and protective padding. If your interest is to maintain on the go On Demand + will live up to its reputation.

These products also provide a long-lasting protection from odors. Odors are caused by bacteria. Although HexPerformance products can not make the claim that it kills bacteria, its sister company BactiBarrier products can. BactiBarrier is a 2 step antimicrobial cleaning and protection system that can be added to a load of laundry, sprayed on to any sport surface or can also be electrostatically applied.

Step 1 Cleaner/Disinfectant
BactiBarrier Detergent CR700GL
Step 2 Protector
BactiBarrier Surface Protector CR705GL

The products used properly are effective against a broad spectrum of germs and viruses including MRSA, Hepatitis, Staph, E-Coli and harmful bacteria and can inhibit its growth on that same surface for months.

In order to make claims that you kill in the US you have to have your product EPA registered. If it isn't EPA registered, you can't make kill claims but you can make odor or cleaning claims. Federal registration of EPA products cost big dollars because Government and States charge fees to distribute, therefore cost for the products will be higher than products that just make deodorizing claims.
It is very important to understand that proper cleaning is the removal of all unwanted pollutants. Soil, dirt, sweat and odor are all unwanted pollutants. Once removed odor inhibitors can be applied to provide long lasting protection from odor and its sources.

Disinfectants applied to an unclean surface will do very little to remove the sweat, soil and bacteria that causes the horrific odor associated with used lacrosse and hockey equipment. Do not waste your money applying a temporary fix. Choose your weapon. Clean like a professional with HexPerformance and BactiBarrier products. Restore, Protect and Maintain.

*** Intensity of use of any sporting article may require more frequent BactiBarrier or HexPerformance use.

Preventing Athletic Infections

Posted on Jul 08, 2014 by Doug B

Preventing Athletic Infections
Does this look familiar? Sport injuries like this happen all of the time. Especially on the new synthetic turf. It is important to know that proper cleaning of surfaces including, clothing, locker rooms and sports equipment may stop many infections from settling in. You can help prevent athletic infections by properly instituting responsible cleaning practices.

According to NCAA Publications, 2009-2010 Sports Medicine Handbook on page 57, it says "Efforts should be made to improve student-athlete hygiene practices, to use recommended procedures for cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, and to handle blood and other bodily fluids appropriately. Suggested measures include: promotion of hand and personal hygiene practices; educating athletes and athletics staff; ensuring recommended procedures for cleaning and disinfection of hard surfaces are followed; and verifying clean up of blood and other potentially infectious materials is done, according to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) Blood-borne Pathogens Standard #29 CFR 1910.1030."

BactiBarrier® EPA registered disinfectant cleaning system is a new 2 step simple cleaning process that can disinfect and and provide long term protection to hard and soft surfaces. Using special pretreatments BactiBarrier has the answer to protecting sport facilities and equipment.

BactiBarrier has a sister company HexPerformance whose focus is on cleaning odor out of Gear, Apparel and Footwear. Using products that can control odor and their sources makes sense! Protect yourself today.

Getting Rid of Musty Boat Odor

Posted on Jun 30, 2014 by Doug B

Getting rid of mildew in boats and musty boat odors is easy but you have to know what to look for, where to look for it, how to remove it and how to prevent it. Many are winterizing their boats now. Many down south live with high humidity and mildew year round. With new long lasting odor technology you can be proactive in preventing the spread of staining and odor caused by mold mildew and fungi in you boat. Reactive cleaning procedures are usually much more time consuming and of course more expensive.

Not all odors can be removed using the same product. Odors come from many sources in boats. Petrochemicals create distinctive odors that can be removed by restoratively cleaning leaky, soiled contaminated bilges and engine rooms. This may require special grease cutting cleaners and pressure washing machines. It should include fixing the source of the odor, a leaky oil gasket, loose hose clamp or engine failure of some sort.

Other odors can be related to the galley or head. Removing odors in these areas is usually related to removing bacteria that is off-gassing due to poor cleaning and maintenance frequencies. Enzymes, pro-biotics and antimicrobial cleaners can work temporarily in these areas. Smoke odors require specific penetrating cleaning processes like the use of expensive ozone machines to neutralize odor molecules. Too often cleaning, maintenance and protection is postponed so that sun and fun activities can be maximized.

Getting Rid of Musty Boat Odor

So let's get back to controlling musty boat odors. Mildew grows when there is a food source, humidity or moisture, lack of air movement and lack of direct sunlight. Some control of moisture can be accomplished using dehumidification devises (HVAC if equipped)or calcium chloride crystals bags but these rarely fully stop microbial growth. Most chemical antimicrobial cleaners can remove 99.9% of mold and mildew if surface is cleaned properly but only temporarily stop the growth. What is important if you already have the mildew smell is to thoroughly clean all hard and soft surfaces and then control and protect the environment afterwards. We all know that controlling the environment inside a boat after it has been stored, not used or winterized is difficult. Running electric dehumidification is not always possible. So what can you do?

Treating surfaces with preventative coatings to remove odors and inhibit the multiplication of its sources can be done. There are two companies that make products that can be used to control mildew odors and their sources. HexPerformance makes a laundry detergent, Power +, that you can wash you linens. HexPerformance Ultra Dual Action Gear Wash 2 step cleaning process removes odor caused by mold mildew and fungi on hard and soft surfaces. After application it leaves a long lasting odor barrier that fights odors caused by mold, mildew and fungi. Its sister company, BactiBarrier®, has a 2 step EPA registered cleaning disinfectant system that cleans and then protects with a long lasting invisible antimicrobial nanotechnology coating.

If you want to remove odor caused by mold and mildew in boats and provide long lasting protection try either product. I treated my boat and have not had any mildew or odor issues since product was applied. It has been 2 years now. I live in Maryland and store my boat on a lift. I shrink wrap it for winter.

Testimonial from a University Lacrosse Coach

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After two applications of BactiBarrier, the measurable bacteria level in our lacrosse locker room improved significantly! We could not be happier with the results of these products and will continue to use them on an annual basis.

- Don Zimmerman
Men's Lacrosse Coach, UMBC

Cleaning Hospital Upholstery

Posted on Dec 17, 2012 by Doug B

Hospital Waiting Room

Dr Dan Bernazzani one of the principals of BactiBarrier® authored an article in Health Facilities Management back in August 2010. This article set the stage for the ongoing development of innovative products and services needed to restore and protect textiles in health facilities.

The BactiBarrier® line of product line uses technology that has been around for three decades. The two EPA registered products act in sequence. First cleaning step kills bacteria and removes unwanted pollutants. The second step applies a long lasting barrier of protection that inhibits the growth of unwanted microbes. The BactiBarrier® Cleaning System time has come.

Air Travelling and Sickness

Posted on Nov 20, 2012 by Doug B

Air Travel and Sickness

Ever get sick when you travel? You are not the only one. Public transportation depots and airports are playgrounds for microbial activity. Please take a look at this article regarding tests that were done on a commercial jet. If you have not thought about reaching into that storage pocket in front of your seat or eating food that has touched the fold away food tray, you will be after reading this.

BactiBarrier® Cleaning System and products are right for the time. There are many places where quality cleaning procedures and long term protection from microbial growth can help.

Cleaning Locker Rooms & Sports Equipment

Posted on Nov 05, 2012 by Doug B

Locker rooms in swimming pools, gyms, high schools, colleges, corporate work out facilities, fitness centers, and spas need to be cleaned proactively, properly and professionally following a custom designed frequency schedule. Many of these institutions are constantly fighting budget battles. Where is the best place to allocate financial resources? You have to protect the users of these facilities by instituting efficient and effective cleaning practices.

What is cleaning? It is the collection, control and removal of unwanted pollutants from environments where they do not belong. Given the right conditions unwanted pollutants can create micro-environments in a very short amount of time. Some of these can be seen as minor blemishes in appearance while others stake their claim silently, invisibly with the ability to transfer to other uncontaminated areas.

Foul odors are dead giveaways for polluted unsanitary surfaces. These contaminated musty smelling areas can be located in many different places throughout an athletic facility. Odors can be just as bad on your hockey glove, in your soccer cleat or on your moisture wicking under garments as in a poorly maintained bathroom shower drain.

Many believe that staph infections only come from direct contact. A pimple is a staph infection. MRSA is a more severe type of staph infection. The issue is when staph pierces your skin it can affect your immune system. Some staph infections are transferred from wound to wound but staph infections can also come from poorly maintained athletic clothing, synthetic fields, playgrounds or sports equipment.

If a facility looks bad and smells bad, it probably is bad! Remember bacteria thrive in moist, steamy, stagnant dark areas like locker rooms, hampers and closets. If you have any doubt about the cleanliness take the following steps:
  • Use your own shaving products and towels.
  • Have your own personal cleaner to disinfect hard surfaces in question (lockers & Benches).
  • Clean and protect shared mats & sports equipment.
  • Wash hands frequently and shower after training
  • Wear flip flops to shower facility
  • Keep cuts bandaged up and treat with antibiotic ointment.
  • Wash your uniforms, towels and work out clothes frequently with products that stop odors typically associated with bacteria and mildew
  • If you get some kind of rash have a doctor look at it ASAP. In many MRSA cases time is of essence for treatment.
  • Be proactive when you can. Use premium cleaning products like BactiBarrier® to disinfect and protect hard/soft surfaces and equipment. OdorBalance® is a unique line of products that clean and protects your gear and apparel from odors and its sources.
There is no substitute for proper cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning products can vary in performance so proper specification of them on focus areas can make a huge difference how clean something really is and how long it will stay that way. Many think that one product, cleaning system or cleaning frequency will work on everything. This is far from the truth. Premium cleaning products along with conscientious facility service providers and a properly designed cleaning schedule are what make the difference.

Immediately after state of the art equipment has been installed or distributed a cleaning maintenance program should be instituted. Some products have some type of antimicrobial protection built in, others have none. A growing business is the after market application of products that address odor and its causes. After market treatment of odor protectors and antimicrobials makes sense when you look at the replacement costs of expensive sports wear, gear, facilities and fitness equipment.

Lets take a look at 3 different areas in a typical mid-to-large sized fitness gym. The locker room/bathroom, the fitness equipment/gym & yoga stretching mats and then a laundry room.
  1. Locker rooms can be the nerve center for any sports team. This is where many of the pep talks, pre-game planning, gear storage, bathing and decontamination occur. Bathroom stalls, shower rooms, steam baths, whirl pools and training rooms all should have premium cleaning programs instituted to protect the fixtures but much more importantly the users.
Inhibiting the multiplication of microbial growth contamination is usually accomplished by spraying, mopping or wiping on a disinfectant. Within 10 minutes (if the cleaner is allowed to dwell for 10 minutes) 99.9% of all of the pollutants should be inactivated or removed. Here is where the problem lies.

If another contaminate is introduced a day later there is little or no protection. BactiBarrier cleaning system has a second step to their cleaning process. This step adds a long-term bonded protector that keeps on working for days, even months after application.
  1. Fitness equipment and mats have been the focus of contamination in a gym for years. Immediately after use the standard code of good gym ethics is to wipe down what you used. Have you ever watched someone do that? Not very comforting, right? If I am the next person on that stretching mat I may be concerned. Now if the equipment or mat had been protected with BactiBarrier, you probably would feel more at ease.
  2. The laundry room in most fitness facilities is where all of the towels and uniforms get cleaned. You know what a towel or high performance moisture wicking shirt smells like after a standard wash. Many times a few minutes into the next work out it smells again.
  3. It is important to use a premium laundry detergent or equipment gear and footwear cleaner (for gloves and body protective padding). Remember the objective is to remove the causes of odor like soil, sweat and bacteria. OdorBalance® has built a line of premium textile and gear cleaning products specifically designed to remove odors and staining typically associated with bacteria and mildew. Then as your clothing or gear dries an eco-friendly bonded protector built in to the cleaner protects from future odor for up to 25 washings. Of course intensity of use may require more frequent use but the point is you are being proactive.
A proactive approach always makes sense when there is liability associated cleaning. Take time to understand who your client is and what they are looking for. In the end your facility will be rewarded for the professional approach you take in protecting the environment and its occupants.

Deadly Strain of Bacteria

Posted on Sep 17, 2012 by Doug B

A heartbreaking report in the Washington Post reported a 7th victim of a potentially deadly strain of a bacterium Klebsiell pneumoniae. The superbug was first reported in a hospital setting last fall where steps were taken to isolate suspected areas, remove materials that may have harbored the "superbug" and disinfect touch surfaces. Development of new cleaning, disinfecting and antibiotics are needed to prevent these types of microbes from infecting others.

Leading Cause of School Absence

Posted on Aug 27, 2012 by Doug B

Asthma is now recognized as the leading cause of school absence in the United States. It is caused in part by dusts that contain mold and other allergens accumulating on surfaces. Studies show improved sanitization helps prevent problems in indoor environments. BactiBarrier's cleaning protocol, using our disinfectant-cleaner, followed by electrostatic spraying and measurement using ATP systems showed measurable microbial reductions and improved hygiene.

Health and Cleaning

Posted on Aug 24, 2012 by Doug B

A recent study published in Preventing Chronic Disease; Public Health Research, Practice and Policy stated: "Health and disease prevention are often not a priority for young adults." An essential part of preventing the spread of disease is proper hygiene. Protecting surfaces where microbes can grow is another good strategy to prevent disease causing microbes from growing.

Infectious Diseases Defined

Posted on Aug 22, 2012 by Doug B

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines infectious diseases as human illnesses caused by viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi and other microbes. They can be spread by direct contact with contaminated surfaces. Protecting your environment from these infectious diseases before illness strikes is a good way to prevent spread of illness. BactiBarrier® provides protection from many of these microbes.

Cleaning Playground Equipment

Posted on Aug 13, 2012 by Doug B


A Playground can be dangerous place for your child to play. Why? Many are carriers of MRSA and just live with it. MRSA is transfered through blood by touch. Recently one of the developers of BactiBarrier® daughter visited a playground. She scraped herself. Nothing was done immediately to protect because it was just a scratch that bled a little. Within 3 day red spot developed. On the 4th day it was identified a MRSA infection. Spent days using antibiotic ointments and an oral antibiotics. took her two long weeks to recover. During this time all of her sheets had to be laundered using OdorBAlance laundry detergent and touch surfaces were cleaned daily. These guys new what they were doing. People lose limbs when these things are not treated and addressed promptly. Have Bactine and Neosporin available for immediate treatment when necessary. These things are scary. Get your playground to protect thier facilities with BactiBarrier®.