about us


BactiBarrier's researchers have discovered environmentally friendly solutions that combat and reduce the potential for hazardous microbes to grow.

Today, more than ever, human beings are more aware of the harm unwanted microbes can cause. The potential for infectious diseases and superbugs to spread quickly is becoming an increasing threat to society. Thanks to advances in antimicrobial technology, healthcare experts, and environmental specialists, we are now able to clean for health and help protect our environments from contamination before it happens with long-lasting BactiBarrier®.

We have aligned ourselves with many environmentally friendly companies and their products. Our new Cleaning System helps to protect occupants of indoor space from microbes that have the ability pollute the space we live and work.

Although professional facility service providers are thoroughly trained, sometimes things are accidentally overlooked. The BactiBarrier Cleaning System adds assurance that the air you breath and the surfaces you touch are healthy.

The BactiBarrier cleaning system is designed to provide long-lasting antimicrobial protection to almost any surface. The BactiBarrier cleaning system can protect homes, bathrooms, locker rooms, basements, telephones, carpet, hard surfaces, walls, synthetic sport fields, counter space, clean rooms, new build outs, water intrusion problem areas, assisted living facilities... and the list goes on. Protect your health and property with BactiBarrier today!